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Dante’s Gap®ferno

Somewhere in The Inferno between the fifth circle of swamp and the six circle of flaming pits there exists a mall.  In that mall there is no Pinkberry.  There is no food court.  Hell, (haha) there isn’t even a Sharper Image. … Continue reading

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MUTOD: A Game to Blame

If this were done tactfully, this could be the start to a decent project with a poignant message.  Chances are that this won’t happen, so here is a random thought to create a video game wherein the fourth wall is … Continue reading

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MUTOD: “The Day I Learned Who Other People Were”

Most of my MUTODs have been about me complaining: “There’s a new ECKSBAWKS!  WHINE!!!” or “VIDEO GAMES!  TV SHOWS!  WHINE!!” “WINE!  WHINE!” So let’s mix it up a little and let me share things from my own perspective in the … Continue reading

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