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In Defense of the Fast & Furious

A few weeks ago HBO GO sent an e-mail to all of its subscribers that another installment of the Fast & Furious series would soon be available for their viewing pleasure: I was pumped.  Not “get drunk and watch Pacific Rim” … Continue reading

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MUTOD: Bad Trade. In “Defense” of The Lone Ranger

In case you were living under a rock for the last two seasons, a movie titled The Lone Ranger came out this past summer.  It was created behind the same minds and visionaries as the Pirates of the Caribbean films, … Continue reading

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MUTOD: “Sharknado”

So I finally did it.  I gave in: If you had asked me a month ago whether I would ever watch this made-for-tv-movie or not I would have easily shrugged it off and been like, “Never.”  I know the schtick: … Continue reading

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MUTOD: The Film Industry

Do I really need a disclaimer saying that I have no idea how the hell the film industry works?  I didn’t take the class, FT–whatever the hell the numbers were, in COM.  I have no claim to fame, I’ve never … Continue reading

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