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A Million Dollar Idea

The other day I had a soda can on my desk.  The can came from a bistro, which earlier that week had been traveling in a truck (the can, not the bistro), and prior sitting in storage, on a crate … Continue reading

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MUTOD: The Film Industry

Do I really need a disclaimer saying that I have no idea how the hell the film industry works?  I didn’t take the class, FT–whatever the hell the numbers were, in COM.  I have no claim to fame, I’ve never … Continue reading

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Hello BroCast on WordPress. As always I will preface my rambling MUTOD by saying that I am a very lazy writer, and although you’ll probably understand my ramblings more than Tom’s.  I (very very rarely) do my homework with these … Continue reading

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MUTOD – Futurama

This is what I’m going to start calling my ramblings:  MUTODs — “My Uneducated Thought of the Day.” MUTOD is what I was originally going to use my twitter for, and then I wanted to make it into a blog … Continue reading

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