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MUTOD: “I Could Have Been a Booker”

New York Comic Con started this week.  I think? I’ve never been to one of these. The closest I’ve ever been was an opening night midnight-screening of a Harry Potter.  I got a free ticket, and my friend lent me … Continue reading

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MUTOD: Late to the Party

Goddamn it. Seriously.  Son of a bitch.  This always happens.  I always show up late to the party, and all that is left in the cooler is some Milwaukee’s Best. It’s the worst to show up late to the party. … Continue reading

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MUTOD: “Heisenberg”

Now that Paul’s post has scarred me for life I’ve lost track of what I was initially going to write about today. So let’s talk about Breaking Bad, because if you haven’t been watching this, fuck you. And if you’re … Continue reading

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