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PA Play by Play: A Day on a Tommy Moon Set

Some of you more astute readers (no, not you, moron) may have noticed a steep decline in my complaining about my job recently. Well that’s because that job stopped being my job. Hooray! Sadly, since none of you idiot readers … Continue reading

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A-Netflix-alyze This

Sometimes I wonder what the many people on the periphery of my life (such as the employees at the Starbucks I go to everyday, the vast majority of my coworkers, that shipwrecked family I hunted on my private island, etc) … Continue reading

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Broadway Arcadia

Working in an office sucks goblin cock. I know, I know I have a good job and I should be thankful that even this economblah blah blah blah blah fucking blah Federal Reserve will be downsizing stimulus blah. But on … Continue reading

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