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MUTOD: Viral Hoaxes

All right Internet.  Let’s do this, because I’m getting so very, very tired of seeing this appear on my news feed: Unfortunately, it’s bullshit. Haha you got me Chive.  You pulled the wool over my eyes.  Well done! But, come … Continue reading

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MUTOD: I Break Your Reebok Commercial

I’d heard the commercial music playing in the background for over a week before seeing the actual spot. Maybe you’ve seen it: You feel bad for an editor when they don’t have the right footage to work with.   Don’t … Continue reading

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My Adventure Down Undah: A Photo Diary

Ok, so apparently Eric wanted me to post on his normal day (yesterday) and thought that I would notice his hinting towards that in his brief contribution, despite the fact that I spent twenty hours of said day on an … Continue reading

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MUTOD: Paul’s Drinking Games

Last Friday in my office I had a printout on my desk.  The printout was created and sent to me by Paul. Sure enough everyone who walked into my office asked about it: My reply?  “It’s for a drinking game. … Continue reading

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For today's performance, the role of Lee Powers will be played by…

This guy! Okay first off, you may have noticed our server has been down for over 24 hours. Go internets! As such, we missed out on scheduling our posting of the latest episode of BroCast News, featuring special guest, El … Continue reading

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