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Trailer for Vetted

Hey. Wrote and directed a TV pilot about veterans. Eric did the editing over the last few months and our premiere is in a few weeks. Lee Powers has a cameo. I’m awesome. What have you been up to, chumski? … Continue reading

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Because Santa doesn’t just give away cars

The holiday season may be over, but the ads are still running, like this Infiniti one I keep seeing pop up on Comedy Central.  Take a look for yourself: The commercial is titled Santa Karma, and I understand what they … Continue reading

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The Great Twitter Flame War 2014

So today is Tuesday, November 11th, 2014.  It is the centennial anniversary of The Great War aka World War I.  Four years will mark the anniversary of Armistace Day, which began the end of the War, though the killing throughout … Continue reading

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In Which I Ruin Some Songs for You (Vol. 2)

We’ve been here before. Read on, warned of this attempt to coerce you into rethinking what you are hearing. For whatever you can’t unhear I make no apologies. Artist name first, song name second.   Jeremia, YG – Don’t Tell ‘Em I … Continue reading

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BroPup News

No lengthy article today.  Just art! Here is the art: Any diehard BroCast fans will almost-certainly recognize this moment from two weeks ago, at 17:25 in Episode 89.  Rock on*. You might be familiar with my artistic genius in depicting the news show … Continue reading

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Copy Cat Commercials Called Out

When I was younger (and a dumbass) I saw commercials as though they were jokes; quick, 30-second anecdotes, each with a set up and punchline.  Unless you’d taped what was on TV you never saw the same commercials again. The Internet … Continue reading

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MUTOD: Six Common Sound Effects That Should Be Retired.

Audio is a major component of any movie, commercial, or television program.  The visuals drive the piece, but the audio reinforces it.  A man can fall through a pane of glass, but if the sounds that ensues is a chicken … Continue reading

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