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Hey Internet, I Tried. Part 2: The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover

Unlike the last time I tried this “recco” wasn’t something the internet recommended, but rather it comes from a storm that had been brewing since 1999, when the longstanding cartoon family of my childhood, The Simpsons began sharing a network … Continue reading

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The BroCast Guide to Dieting

Here at BroCast, we care about your health. OK, that might be a bit of a stretch – we may care insofar as your health permits you to see and read our precocious blog. But that still counts. Because empathy. … Continue reading

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Hey Internet, I Tried. Part 1: Adventure Time

As I pointed out in a cheap ploy to get you to look at an old blog post, when I recommend something to someone (further alluded to as “reco”) their most common response is usually to dismiss it, probably because something … Continue reading

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Copy Cat Commercials Called Out

When I was younger (and a dumbass) I saw commercials as though they were jokes; quick, 30-second anecdotes, each with a set up and punchline.  Unless you’d taped what was on TV you never saw the same commercials again. The Internet … Continue reading

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Take a Haiku

Bye Prince Oberyn/You were a super cool dude/Until you got squished. Funny mustaches/Ruined by fucking hipsters/Also Pabst Blue Ribbon. Hit “Rematch” button/In Words With Friends or I will/Murder your face, Eric. At last, another/good X-Men movie is in/The theater. Hooray! … Continue reading

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Fun and Games and Fermentation

Over the course of the last year and thirteen days (or 4.29696825 years for our readers on Mercury) since we’ve started this blog, Eric and I have often mentioned the great and glorious GI Joe Drinking Game. And rightly so. It’s … Continue reading

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To Everyone Who Ever Nagged Me to Watch a TV Show

Dear Everyone, All right, gotta give this one to you. You nagged and nagged and pushed and nudged and kvetched until I finally gave in. And yes, you were right. True Detective was awesome. Definitely one of the best things … Continue reading

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