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The Great Twitter Flame War 2014

So today is Tuesday, November 11th, 2014.  It is the centennial anniversary of The Great War aka World War I.  Four years will mark the anniversary of Armistace Day, which began the end of the War, though the killing throughout … Continue reading

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Fun “Facts”

Hey internets people folks! Did you know: Capri pants kill more people every year than earthworms and Martin van Buren combined. While it’s true that the line “Beam me up, Scotty” was never actually said in the original Star Trek … Continue reading

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Exclusive Fashion Week Coverage! No, Seriously!

In my many years of drinking (and even in my other years of not drinking), I have wound up in a variety of strange places. Sometimes even sober. A calypso party at the French Embassy. Sharing a bathroom with Tom Hanks. Weehawken, … Continue reading

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Happy Thoughts

I need some cheering up. I came off an awesome weekend in my beloved Las Vegas celebrating the impending doom of former-ish staff member P. D. Montgomery’s bachelorhood basking in the bro-tastic afterglow. Then some degenerate on the plane home … Continue reading

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What I’m Hooked On

Earlier this week, a study conducted at Connecticut College shocked absolutely no one by showing that Oreos can be as addictive as cocaine. From a neurological standpoint, of course. In rats. Regardless, those are some highly amusing, but none too … Continue reading

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Intro To The Conversational Arts: Say Something, Bitch!

“The art of conversation is dead” is a phrase you tend to read/hear a lot if you enjoy op-eds in the paper (so old people) or hang out with the sort of insufferable human beings who order red wine with … Continue reading

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Moving Pictures I Viewed Aboard Airships

I hate flying. I mean, if you read my post regularly, you probably know by now that I hate pretty much everything but brown liquor, ethnic food, and busty redheads. I also enjoy green tea. But flying is a particular … Continue reading

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