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MUTOD: “I Could Have Been a Booker”

New York Comic Con started this week.  I think? I’ve never been to one of these. The closest I’ve ever been was an opening night midnight-screening of a Harry Potter.  I got a free ticket, and my friend lent me … Continue reading

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Intro To The Conversational Arts: Say Something, Bitch!

“The art of conversation is dead” is a phrase you tend to read/hear a lot if you enjoy op-eds in the paper (so old people) or hang out with the sort of insufferable human beings who order red wine with … Continue reading

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Moving Pictures I Viewed Aboard Airships

I hate flying. I mean, if you read my post regularly, you probably know by now that I hate pretty much everything but brown liquor, ethnic food, and busty redheads. I also enjoy green tea. But flying is a particular … Continue reading

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If You Want a Picture of the Future…

Imagine there being so many dance/talent shows on television that every single person in America is a contestant on one – forever. Imagine Taylor Swift getting dumped but instead of writing another generic pop-country song, she tears the man’s throat … Continue reading

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Hate the Playa, But Should We Hate the (Ender’s) Game?

Sometimes, people who exhibit great brilliance in one facet of life can still be assholes. Sometimes just minor assholes, sometimes big ol’ gaping assholes. Great writers are no exception to this rule. Why, look at me. Over here! See … Continue reading

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