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In Which I Ruin Some Songs for You (Vol. 1)

Let’s talk music.  I’m not a close follower, but I keep track based on whatever is on Spotify. The more and more certain “top tracks” are drilled into my head the more I tend to associate them with other things, … Continue reading

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Excerpts From Great Speeches (As Signed by Thamsanqa Jantjie)

And now, for some contributions from a man who needs no introduction, because he’d probably totally fuck it up. “To Be or Not to Be” from Shakespeare’s Hamlet Who, me? Oh, not who me. That is Sebastián. Weather? Tits noble, … Continue reading

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If You Want a Picture of the Future…

Imagine there being so many dance/talent shows on television that every single person in America is a contestant on one – forever. Imagine Taylor Swift getting dumped but instead of writing another generic pop-country song, she tears the man’s throat … Continue reading

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Things You Like Are Terrible

Earlier today I was chatting with one of our office’s current disposable menial laborers/unknowing organ farms (I believe the colloquial term for them is “summer interns”) about film school. Specifically, how terrible it is and that the rotten people who … Continue reading

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Death be not proud…be hilarious!

My post last week was, admittedly, kind of a downer. A lengthy diatribe on the most depressing deaths of some beloved fictional characters is not something to put a smile on my fellow nerds’ faces and a spring in their … Continue reading

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