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Black Flag, Don’t Hashtag

I’m not going to write about what everyone else is writing about today. You might be expecting me to, what with my being a New Yorker and an Afghanistan veteran. But no dice, pubic lice! There is more than enough … Continue reading

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Beat It.

People, typically the insufferable type (more insufferable than the general level of insufferable that I find most people to be at, that is), always like to quip and muse about things that need to be “brought back.” Things that are … Continue reading

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The Return of My Awesome Movie Reviews

That’s right, party dudes and dudettes, I’m back with another installment of my patented scientific movie review system, wherein I write funny words and swears and then assign arbitrary numeric values to whatever elements I remember of various films through … Continue reading

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The Octodad Challenge

Gaming. It’s one of the many things we love at BroCast, but also a source of endless fun when having people over and shows go on hiatus/we’ve watched all of the shows. The game of choice relies on the guest, though … Continue reading

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Mundane Superpowers

Whilst wandering around Harlem with the good doctor, I asked the all-important question: if you could have any superpower, what would it be? This sparked a long debate, one that took us about 40 blocks downtown. However, I think we found a … Continue reading

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As you may recall, several weeks ago I made an awesometacularific journey out to the crappy (read: West) coast of our fine country to visit some dear chums and get shlonkered with them on rum for a week. Great times. … Continue reading

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My Life Is Better Than Yours

Oh, what’s that? You take exception to the statement I’m making with the title of the weekly post on the hilarious and beloved blog that I co-run with one of my dearest and swarthiest chums? Well, what are you doing … Continue reading

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