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The Third Act Fail

When I was a Junior in college I wrote my first short screenplay about a kid driving an urn of ashes across the country.  It was a terrible, terrible piece of writing that featured classic screenwriting 101 bullshit that our friend Garryt (whom … Continue reading

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Take a Haiku

Bye Prince Oberyn/You were a super cool dude/Until you got squished. Funny mustaches/Ruined by fucking hipsters/Also Pabst Blue Ribbon. Hit “Rematch” button/In Words With Friends or I will/Murder your face, Eric. At last, another/good X-Men movie is in/The theater. Hooray! … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Fast & Furious

A few weeks ago HBO GO sent an e-mail to all of its subscribers that another installment of the Fast & Furious series would soon be available for their viewing pleasure: I was pumped.  Not “get drunk and watch Pacific Rim” … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s Blinders and One-Way Mirrors

With the recent passing of Bob Hoskins this week, most of the obits about the actor’s life drop two movie titles;  Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Super Mario Bros.  The former is an incredibly audacious movie which is not for kids … Continue reading

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I Review a Movie.

I went to see a movie today. Now I’m going to review it. Because that’s what we do here from time to time. And I’m great at it. Here goes: I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I liked it. … Continue reading

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Happy Thoughts

I need some cheering up. I came off an awesome weekend in my beloved Las Vegas celebrating the impending doom of former-ish staff member P. D. Montgomery’s bachelorhood basking in the bro-tastic afterglow. Then some degenerate on the plane home … Continue reading

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MUTOD: Rejected Movie Idea – Mike Mulligan 2: The Revenge of Mary Anne

I’m not going to tell you which movie studio rejected my script idea.  To do so would embarass them, and I know they’re going to kick themselves in the ass later because Mike Mulligan 2:  Mary Anne’s Revenge (also spitballing … Continue reading

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