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Undah Da Sea (Also, Happy Belated Veterans Day!)

It’s been a good goddamn week so far. Very good, if I do say so myself. And I do. Even if I did have to work on Veteran’s Day. Because my place of employment hates freedom, I assume. Oh sure, … Continue reading

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Intro To The Conversational Arts: Say Something, Bitch!

“The art of conversation is dead” is a phrase you tend to read/hear a lot if you enjoy op-eds in the paper (so old people) or hang out with the sort of insufferable human beings who order red wine with … Continue reading

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My Adventure Down Undah: A Photo Diary

Ok, so apparently Eric wanted me to post on his normal day (yesterday) and thought that I would notice his hinting towards that in his brief contribution, despite the fact that I spent twenty hours of said day on an … Continue reading

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Yankee Doodle? Dandy!

I’m not sure what you’re all expecting me to write today. Seeing as it’s a rather significant holiday (Woohoo! Four-day weekend!) centered around a topic that I have repeatedly declared to be awesome in previous posts: America (or ‘Merica, for … Continue reading

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Memorial Day’s Coming, So Bear With Me…

…Because this one may get a little heavy. If you’re reading this, it’s a good chance you already know me personally. Or, at the very least, you know Eric or another member of our staff, however tenuously, on Facebook or … Continue reading

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The View From My New Apartment

It’s glorious. It’s spectacular. It’s splendiferous. It’s an awe inspiring vista of majesty that will make even the most heartless, black-souled atheist like myself question the idea that anything other than a benevolent, loving being could have formed such a … Continue reading

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