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The Great Twitter Flame War 2014

So today is Tuesday, November 11th, 2014.  It is the centennial anniversary of The Great War aka World War I.  Four years will mark the anniversary of Armistace Day, which began the end of the War, though the killing throughout … Continue reading

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Family Vacation II: Things That Actually Happened

So it turns out, most of the predictions I made last week were eerily accurate. Right down to the General Westmoreland story. Oh Phong Luc, what a storyteller that fellow is. Great comedic timing. And it’s nice to know that … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Soccer: ‘Merican Style

Apparently the FIFA World Cup tournament starts today. It’s the 20th one. Ever. Isn’t that neat? Of course it isn’t. The fact that it’s Filipino Independence Day is neat. This is fucking soccer and we live America/’Merica/Murricuh/The Great Satan/Panem. Yes, … Continue reading

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Resolve Yourself

I don’t make New Years resolutions. Ever. “How?” you might be asking, or possibly “why?” Unless, of course, you’re somehow very confused/still drunk, in which case you’re probably asking “Where?” or “Shall I put your call through to Manitoba-237, Mrs. … Continue reading

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Excerpts From Great Speeches (As Signed by Thamsanqa Jantjie)

And now, for some contributions from a man who needs no introduction, because he’d probably totally fuck it up. “To Be or Not to Be” from Shakespeare’s Hamlet Who, me? Oh, not who me. That is Sebastián. Weather? Tits noble, … Continue reading

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Triple Feature

A great man once said “You know what your problem is? It’s that you haven’t seen enough movies.” That man was either William Henry Harrison or Steve Martin. I get them confused sometimes, but I’m pretty sure it was whichever … Continue reading

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Yar? Har!

It’s been a very pirate-y couple of days for me. Starting with the end of this week’s episode when Eric imparted upon our viewers a swell fun fact about notorious 18th century pirate/huge wuss “Calico” Jack Rackham. Then he got angry … Continue reading

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