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Stuff To Do When You’re Bored

Ever experience the feeling of wanting to do something, but also not really feeling like doing anything? Like, you could really get down and funky with going out to see a movie or a play or performance art piece. Except … Continue reading

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Dear TV, Stop Trying to Break Bad Already

All right, I get it. Breaking Bad was a good show. Personally, I didn’t screamingly-shit-my-pants-non-stop-excited over it for four seasons like some people. But I get where they’re coming from. I enjoyed it well enough as I caught upon Netflix, … Continue reading

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What the Hell, World?

Seriously, what the hell? Ukraine? Come on. Why the crap are there still Kardashians on TV? Not my TV, of course, but they’re on somebody’s TV. How in the bejesus does Eric keep winning at Words With Friends? Why does … Continue reading

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Rebooting Childhood

Late this past Tuesday evening I had a rather interesting conversation with my dear cohost as I stood in the doorway of his apartment/cave near Central Park. And by “interesting,” I of course mean “mind-bendingly stupid.” A passel (which is … Continue reading

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MUTOD: Viral Hoaxes

All right Internet.  Let’s do this, because I’m getting so very, very tired of seeing this appear on my news feed: Unfortunately, it’s bullshit. Haha you got me Chive.  You pulled the wool over my eyes.  Well done! But, come … Continue reading

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Your Turn, Hulu

I like to review things. Telling the fine people (well, people…barely) of the internet about things I love makes me all warm and tingly up in my business. And ragging on crap that I hate makes me feel like a … Continue reading

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Why Video Games Suck

Recently I was confronted with one of the worst scenarios a human can face. The kind of thing that can put such strain, such pressure on the psyche of even the strongest person that their very mind could snap like … Continue reading

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