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BroPup News

No lengthy article today.  Just art! Here is the art: Any diehard BroCast fans will almost-certainly recognize this moment from two weeks ago, at 17:25 in Episode 89.  Rock on*. You might be familiar with my artistic genius in depicting the news show … Continue reading

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Rifle Volley Salute

In honor of BroCast lover, WWII veteran, brilliant author, business wiz, wonderful father, loving grandfather, kindhearted friend, and all around incredible human being and gentleman Arnold Brown, we send him off with the traditional three-volley rifle salute. Ready. Aim. Fire. Ready. Aim. Fire. … Continue reading

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Take a Haiku

Bye Prince Oberyn/You were a super cool dude/Until you got squished. Funny mustaches/Ruined by fucking hipsters/Also Pabst Blue Ribbon. Hit “Rematch” button/In Words With Friends or I will/Murder your face, Eric. At last, another/good X-Men movie is in/The theater. Hooray! … Continue reading

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Bite Me

I didn’t get a chance to write anything today. I had stuff to do. And I took a long nap. Laundry. Packing for vacation. Re-watching episodes of The League. Quasi-staff member My Dad had a table reading of a swell … Continue reading

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Birthday Party

In honor of Paul’s birthday today I have decided to make a list of things that most definitely will occur, or be present at his birthday party tonight*: •  Pizza •  Whiskey •  Beer •  Strippers •  Strippers with Pizza • … Continue reading

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Guess what, boners? It’s time for you to learn what you’re made of. That’s right, I made a BroCast News personality quiz. You are so fucking welcome. Now, go, find out which member of the BroCast Team you truly are … Continue reading

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PA Play by Play: A Day on a Tommy Moon Set

Some of you more astute readers (no, not you, moron) may have noticed a steep decline in my complaining about my job recently. Well that’s because that job stopped being my job. Hooray! Sadly, since none of you idiot readers … Continue reading

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