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I’m in Connecticut!

It’s cold. Somebody was bleeding out of their ear. I’ve had a lot to drink and inhaled some wood stain. Accidentally, of course. Probably. One of my bestest friends from my days in The Great Game is back on this … Continue reading

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Good Grief

At a recent Friendsgiving, Brorespondent, Daniel Rodriguez Ramirez R (whom you’ve seen more than once on BroCast News), and I got into a conversation on how the comic strip Peanuts should have ended.   E:  How did Peanuts actually end?  Did they finally … Continue reading

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Tommy Moon Returns

Write your own damn intro. Here’s the old coot: “VETS. OK, here goes! So we watch a great musical tribute to our Veterans. We get all these big stars to create a buzz and guess what? No one thinks we … Continue reading

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Why Women Read (Volume 1): Fifty Shades of Grey

I have already exposed the dark underpinnings that drive the Real Housewives franchise into the homes of the not-so-innocent and easily addicted. But I have just discovered something even worse. It is more sinister and surprisingly even more poorly written … Continue reading

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In Which I Ruin Some Songs for You (Vol. 2)

We’ve been here before. Read on, warned of this attempt to coerce you into rethinking what you are hearing. For whatever you can’t unhear I make no apologies. Artist name first, song name second.   Jeremia, YG – Don’t Tell ‘Em I … Continue reading

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Nazis, Monsters, & Robots

The occasional reader of this blog will undoubtedly understand that we here at BroCast love us some gosh darn video games.  We’ve name-dropped Bioshock ad nauseum, written reviews on Swashbuckling Pirate Assassins, and challenged friends to play Octodad while drunk. … Continue reading

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Whats It’s Like… Vol XI The Shmafrican adventure! or I HATE baboons!

So here I am, continuing the great Shmafrican adventure. Like the great Private Joker before me, I have come to far away lands to meet new and interesting people… and kill them. Just kidding. I’m not doing much of that … Continue reading

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