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The BroCast Guide to Dieting

Here at BroCast, we care about your health. OK, that might be a bit of a stretch – we may care insofar as your health permits you to see and read our precocious blog. But that still counts. Because empathy. … Continue reading

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Dante’s Gap®ferno

Somewhere in The Inferno between the fifth circle of swamp and the six circle of flaming pits there exists a mall.  In that mall there is no Pinkberry.  There is no food court.  Hell, (haha) there isn’t even a Sharper Image. … Continue reading

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Where the Hell is Everyone?

As nobody at all has probably noticed, we BroCasters have been quite lackadaisical in our postings as of late. Specifically, not a one of us has posted a single damn thing, videos of Eric and I drunkenly rambling notwithstanding, in nearly … Continue reading

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People Who Can Go Fuck Themselves

I am grumpy. We all already knew that, so no big story there. And why am I so grumpy, you ask? Mostly because of stupid questions like that, you cretin. The unmitigated gall of you to ask that of me. … Continue reading

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