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The Live Blogging of my House of Cards Binge Day (AKA My First Real Day Off)

The Good Doctor so patiently waited for me to have enough time off for us to both laze in bed all day and binge-watch House of Cards. That’s love, folks. But, since the rest of you probably have lives and … Continue reading

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Trailer for Vetted

Hey. Wrote and directed a TV pilot about veterans. Eric did the editing over the last few months and our premiere is in a few weeks. Lee Powers has a cameo. I’m awesome. What have you been up to, chumski? … Continue reading

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The Bro-ies II

Has it been a year or so already? You bet your bippy it has! Whatever the hell a bippy is! Moving on, it’s time for our panel of unbiased and highly accredited experts (me and the scotch I’m drinking) to … Continue reading

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Breaking News!

Important information for you and your loved ones! Film at 11! In the meantime, is there anybody out there who can explain to me what the big friggin’ deal is with Pitch Perfect? I mean, the first one wasn’t a … Continue reading

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Even Funner “Facts”

Remember this? Great, right? You bet your third nipple it is! Let’s do it again, beginning with my asking “Did you know…” PowerPoint presentations have been shown to cause suicide in lab rats. People who need people are, in fact, … Continue reading

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Episode 101

This week we take off for Labor Day, but in order to give you the news we liquor up our bro Thor Forney, and make him read Paul’s headlining index cards. The results are wonderful.

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Episode 100!

  We made 100 of these, (and our friends got married) so we generously pour ourselves some Prosecco.  Cheers.

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