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The Third Act Fail

When I was a Junior in college I wrote my first short screenplay about a kid driving an urn of ashes across the country.  It was a terrible, terrible piece of writing that featured classic screenwriting 101 bullshit that our friend Garryt (whom … Continue reading

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My Life Is Better Than Yours

Oh, what’s that? You take exception to the statement I’m making with the title of the weekly post on the hilarious and beloved blog that I co-run with one of my dearest and swarthiest chums? Well, what are you doing … Continue reading

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Eric Hates Freedom

Ladies and gentlebros, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you on the eve of one of our greatest holidays that I, your hero, have been censored. Yes, the rights guaranteed me in the First Amendment, easily … Continue reading

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Soccer My Balls

After my roaringly funny and 100% historically accurate explanation of the blasé attitude most Americans (read: people with souls) feel towards soccer, a few folks I know (read: one person) asked that I gave the sport a fair shake. Obviously, … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Soccer: ‘Merican Style

Apparently the FIFA World Cup tournament starts today. It’s the 20th one. Ever. Isn’t that neat? Of course it isn’t. The fact that it’s Filipino Independence Day is neat. This is fucking soccer and we live America/’Merica/Murricuh/The Great Satan/Panem. Yes, … Continue reading

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What it’s Like Vol. 3: The Dragon Reborn

Ahoy, chum! Cap’n Chris be out at sea makin’ ready to swash and/or buckle against scurvy dogs and freedom haters. So he asked me to be his first mate fer the day and pass on more o’ his wacky words … Continue reading

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“The Lost Episode” by H. P. Lovecraft

Editor’s Note: We missed one. For the first time in nearly two years, we missed producing one of our weekly joy-filled drunken webisodes. Eric and I would be ashamed, but we have never been before and see no reason to … Continue reading

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