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Laces Out, Goodell!

Let’s watch the NFL continue to miss the mark worse than did when they Autodrafted RG3 for me. Allow me to sum the current situation up for you dear reader, on the off chance that you are the sole remaining … Continue reading

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Call me back Paul

Apparently the only way I can get Paul to call me back is by posting a shitty blog, so here’s a list of thongs I hate + Pedicabs- They’re a bicycles menace, óne step below citibikers. DeBlasio should legislate them … Continue reading

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The saddest thing about Robin Williams’ death that you won’t believe!

Lee Powers is back, and here to tell you how to be sad again! Grief has become click-bait. We have always had a weird fascination with mourning celebrities. President Lincolns funeral Train toured the states for two weeks displaying his … Continue reading

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thanks a lot de blasio!

bloomberg never would have let this shit happen. – Sincerely, White People

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You made it!

Congrats on surviving mike bloomberg’s reign of terror. If you are still on New York I have to assume you are rich and/or white. Enjoy your sanitized parody of a city.

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I’m tired

So Bloomberg’s New York has destroyed an icon of local street art in the name of luxury housing. I’m not even mad about that, it’s private property and the owners can do what they want. I’m more upset about how … Continue reading

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All Hail The New King of New York

You heard it here first folks! Brocast News is officially calling the election in favor of Billy DeBlasio, AKA The Mushroom King  AKA the People’s Public Advocate.  

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