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I'm southern, I'm sassy, and I'm opinionated.

The BroCast Guide to Dieting

Here at BroCast, we care about your health. OK, that might be a bit of a stretch – we may care insofar as your health permits you to see and read our precocious blog. But that still counts. Because empathy. … Continue reading

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Back in a Flash

Oh, is it Saturday already? Hm, not sure how I missed that…must have been getting married to The Good Doctor, or something. *Shrug* This is Mrs. Kitty Good Doctor, signing out.

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Now that I have appropriated the correct term for it, time to go on a rampage! Slactivism (noun): support of a cause with a political or social nature via the Internet (read: social media), thus requiring very little actual involvement … Continue reading

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Shakespeare in the Park – Now With John Lithgow!

Shakespeare in the Park is a privilegless privilege available to all those who are willing to wake up early and sit in a long line for a few hours. Apparently, as I learned in line from a person wearing an … Continue reading

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Great Scott, I’m Alive!

Though I certainly did not feel that way a few hours ago. I have just recovered from quite possibly the worst hangover of my life. Most of my insides are now outsides. This particular hangover is only to be superseded … Continue reading

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Mundane Superpowers

Whilst wandering around Harlem with the good doctor, I asked the all-important question: if you could have any superpower, what would it be? This sparked a long debate, one that took us about 40 blocks downtown. However, I think we found a … Continue reading

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28 things you should be able to do by 28

Sorry* about last week’s absence, kiddos! I was stranded in the Hamptons, riding the coattails of those with large houses near the beach that lack any reception or Internet access. We fancy, but exclusive and not terribly organized. *I’m not … Continue reading

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