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The Live Blogging of my House of Cards Binge Day (AKA My First Real Day Off)

The Good Doctor so patiently waited for me to have enough time off for us to both laze in bed all day and binge-watch House of Cards. That’s love, folks. But, since the rest of you probably have lives and … Continue reading

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Merry Jewmas!

Well, I’ve survived my fourth Christmas both ever and with the Good Doctor’s side of the family in a tiny remote village about three hours north of London, and good drive away from anything or anyone. I’m a city kid … Continue reading

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Jet Lag: Where and When the Hell Am I?

Oh, how I’ve missed you so! Finals have been tackled yet again for this perpetual real-life-avoider, which means the time has come. It’s that time of year when I go to celebrate a newly discovered Christian holiday involving fat men … Continue reading

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Why Women Read (Volume 1): Fifty Shades of Grey

I have already exposed the dark underpinnings that drive the Real Housewives franchise into the homes of the not-so-innocent and easily addicted. But I have just discovered something even worse. It is more sinister and surprisingly even more poorly written … Continue reading

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Indisputable Proof That LA is The Worst

The Good Doctor and I made our pilgrimage to the City of Angels last weekend to attend the very last wedding where we only know the couple that is getting married. Originally, I felt compelled to write about all of … Continue reading

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What the Fuck is Brunch?

Everyone plans it, brags about it, takes pictures of it for Instagram, or is otherwise forced to endure it: Brunch. What is it? Why do bitches love brunch so much? Well, lucky your resident researcher and bitch is here to … Continue reading

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Kitty Reviews: Things You Should Have Already Seen, Volume 2

Since obtaining a doctorate is far too time consuming and entirely self-serving, I have to go through the back logs a bit to provide you with something hopefully entertaining. So, in order to earn my keep, I figured I’d provide … Continue reading

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