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MUSKET SMOKE Update & Why it Matters re:#Gamergate

So I have REALLY gotten involved with Musket Smoke  over the past month.  After helping to make the Facebook Page, I got involved in helping to promote the Kickstarter for the sequel Musket Smoke II.  I even helped to lend my dulcet … Continue reading

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MUSKET SMOKE – The Best Strategy Game You’ve Never Heard Of…Until Now!

So…2014 is coming to a close.  And if you’re at all like me, you’re interested in all the top ten lists, especially for video games (here’s a really neat one).  This year has not been the best for gaming, what … Continue reading

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The Great Twitter Flame War 2014

So today is Tuesday, November 11th, 2014.  It is the centennial anniversary of The Great War aka World War I.  Four years will mark the anniversary of Armistace Day, which began the end of the War, though the killing throughout … Continue reading

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Turn Pilot Review – History Geek’s Perspective

As promised last week, here’s my take on AMC’s new drama, Turn about the spies of British Occupied New York.  Here, I’ll be providing my take as a history buff first and a viewer second.  Like I said last week, … Continue reading

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Dave Doing History Right: Historians in Action

So this past weekend I attended this thing: the 3rd Annual Conference on the American Revolution, held in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and sponsored by the touring company America’s History LLC.           It was great fun hearing some of … Continue reading

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Stalingrad Review

) When I first saw the trailer for what was called “Stalingrad 3D,” I was equal parts stoked and nervous.  On the one hand, fuck yeah, Stalingrad!  I’m not the biggest WW2 nut out there, I’m more of a Napoleonics … Continue reading

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Dave’s (Brain) Droppings: Risky Biz

Hey there, Bros of the Cast, or whetever y’all call yourselves.  I’m Dave Malinsky.  You might now my name from some BroCast vids, where Paul and Eric very kindly mentioned my one-man play PLAYING AT WAR, for which my trachea … Continue reading

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