About Us

Back in the all but forgotten halcyon days of 2012, two young men with a passion for alcohol and current events dared to dream. Both alumni of a lauded unnamed university with probably a very powerful legal team, they decided to use their experience and education to do what no one else could have: put on a weekly YouTube show emulating what the news would be if it were reported by the kind of guy that your college girlfriend cheated on you with. You know, sarcastic, smarmy, always drunk, incredibly lazy, yet surprisingly (infuriatingly) intelligent, and they always have stupid nicknames. Those types. You want to hate them, but they’re usually pretty funny and they chip in for pizza and wings and crap. Such are Eric “Fredo” Russoniello and Paul “No, I’m not the 71 year-old African American comedian with the same name, which is actually his stage name because his real last name is Gladney” Mooney.


With the seed of a media empire sewn into the rich tapestry of pornography and slash fiction that is the Internet, the hosts of BroCast News decided that the world needed more than a weekly video of two schmucks in suits mispronouncing the names of world leaders in an East Village apartment kitchen. So this blog was born, with articles and musings from Eric and Paul, as well as a host of fine writers, past, present, future, and alternate reality! This is a blog for all the Bros and Bro lovers out there, who want to see the world through the eyes of people just like you (Provided you’re an upper middle class east coast intellectual in your late twenties or directly related to a staff member) and the handsome douchebags you love.

We are Bros. This is our News. And you know you want it.

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