In Which I Ruin Some Songs for You (Vol. 2)

We’ve been here before.

Read on, warned of this attempt to coerce you into rethinking what you are hearing.

For whatever you can’t unhear I make no apologies.

Artist name first, song name second.


Jeremia, YG – Don’t Tell ‘Em

I misheard it originally, and thought it was about anorexia.

Don't tell em.

Gotta tell ’em.  Don’t tell ’em.

I don’t actually know what the real song is about.

 Little Mix – Salute

Originally I mistakenly thought this song was about health.  More importantly the word for “health” in Spanish:



Then halfway through editing this next video I found a better word…

The song — believe it or not –is about Westerns.

Who wants to do shots?

Who wants to do shots?

The next time you hear either one of these I dare you not to think of the real lyrics.

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