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Paul’s Quick Tips: Halloween

Okay, I got a stack of whatnot to do a mile high, and two-thirds of that mile is finishing stitching together the gigantic, authentic fish tail to match the clam bikini top I’ll be wearing for Halloween tomorrow. To answer … Continue reading

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Nazis, Monsters, & Robots

The occasional reader of this blog will undoubtedly understand that we here at BroCast love us some gosh darn video games.  We’ve name-dropped Bioshock ad nauseum, written reviews on Swashbuckling Pirate Assassins, and challenged friends to play Octodad while drunk. … Continue reading

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How Bitching Ruins Games (And Why You Should Play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel)

(Editor’s Note: all picture captions will be provided by special guest co-author Mister Torgue, the President of the Torgue Corporation) As I’ve written about before, I think most video games are goddamn awful. But, as I’ve also made clear in that linked … Continue reading

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Episode 108

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Whats It’s Like… Vol XI The Shmafrican adventure! or I HATE baboons!

So here I am, continuing the great Shmafrican adventure. Like the great Private Joker before me, I have come to far away lands to meet new and interesting people… and kill them. Just kidding. I’m not doing much of that … Continue reading

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Indisputable Proof That LA is The Worst

The Good Doctor and I made our pilgrimage to the City of Angels last weekend to attend the very last wedding where we only know the couple that is getting married. Originally, I felt compelled to write about all of … Continue reading

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Fun “Facts”

Hey internets people folks! Did you know: Capri pants kill more people every year than earthworms and Martin van Buren combined. While it’s true that the line “Beam me up, Scotty” was never actually said in the original Star Trek … Continue reading

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