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Episode 105

   This week we join commuting hell for the 2014 Climate Change Conference, celebrate Jeter’s farewell game, and mourn the loss of George Clooney’s bachelordom.    

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What the Fuck is Brunch?

Everyone plans it, brags about it, takes pictures of it for Instagram, or is otherwise forced to endure it: Brunch. What is it? Why do bitches love brunch so much? Well, lucky your resident researcher and bitch is here to … Continue reading

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Family Vacation II: Things That Actually Happened

So it turns out, most of the predictions I made last week were eerily accurate. Right down to the General Westmoreland story. Oh Phong Luc, what a storyteller that fellow is. Great comedic timing. And it’s nice to know that … Continue reading

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Episode 104

  Where did everybody go?

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Kitty Reviews: Things You Should Have Already Seen, Volume 2

Since obtaining a doctorate is far too time consuming and entirely self-serving, I have to go through the back logs a bit to provide you with something hopefully entertaining. So, in order to earn my keep, I figured I’d provide … Continue reading

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Vacation Prognostication

I’m going on a family trip tomorrow. Not like a simple weekend away or a holiday get together or even a road trip to bail my dad out of jail in El Paso for practicing obstetrics without a license (again). … Continue reading

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Episode 103

Two years of BroCast, ladies and gents. Here’s to zero more without being paid millions of dollars to do so! Or we’ll just keep doing it anyway. Whatever.

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