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A Million Dollar Idea

The other day I had a soda can on my desk. ┬áThe can came from a bistro, which earlier that week had been traveling in a truck (the can, not the bistro), and prior sitting in storage, on a crate … Continue reading

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The Return of My Awesome Movie Reviews

That’s right, party dudes and dudettes, I’m back with another installment of my patented scientific movie review system, wherein I write funny words and swears and then assign arbitrary numeric values to whatever elements I remember of various films through … Continue reading

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Episode 97

Wars, disease, disaster. You know, the usual. Good news for Greenland, though. Enjoy that cake!

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Great Scott, I’m Alive!

Though I certainly did not feel that way a few hours ago. I have just recovered from quite possibly the worst hangover of my life. Most of my insides are now outsides. This particular hangover is only to be superseded … Continue reading

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The Octodad Challenge

Gaming. It’s one of the many things we love at BroCast, but also a source of endless fun when having┬ápeople over and shows go on hiatus/we’ve watched all of the shows. The game of choice relies on the guest, though … Continue reading

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