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Episode 99

We’ve got 99 episodes and this is one, hit me.

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Now that I have appropriated the correct term for it, time to go on a rampage! Slactivism (noun): support of a cause with a political or social nature via the Internet (read: social media), thus requiring very little actual involvement … Continue reading

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In Which I Ruin Some Songs for You (Vol. 1)

Let’s talk music.  I’m not a close follower, but I keep track based on whatever is on Spotify. The more and more certain “top tracks” are drilled into my head the more I tend to associate them with other things, … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties

That is all.

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The saddest thing about Robin Williams’ death that you won’t believe!

Lee Powers is back, and here to tell you how to be sad again! Grief has become click-bait. We have always had a weird fascination with mourning celebrities. President Lincolns funeral Train toured the states for two weeks displaying his … Continue reading

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Episode 98

  This (shark) week we give you the full rundown on fighting overseas, and all of the potential and doomed relationships between countries.

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Shakespeare in the Park – Now With John Lithgow!

Shakespeare in the Park is a privilegless privilege available to all those who are willing to wake up early and sit in a long line for a few hours. Apparently, as I learned in line from a person wearing an … Continue reading

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