100 Episodes Later

This upcoming Sunday marks the 100th Episode of BroCast News, so I am spitballing 25 ideas as a means to make it special:

So, what should we do for our 100th Episode?

01)  Inhale helium for the entire duration of the report – Although, we would probably die.  Did we need those brain cells anyway?  We make more every three days, right?


02)  We wear matching shirts, matching 100’s, or matching hats – Twinsies.  Although I think Paul and I only own three shirts that match.  One of which I’ve burned.  No, not the Bioshock shirt, Paul.  Nor the Hawaiian shirt.

What. The. Fuck...?

Fact:  This had not been coordinated.

03)  We dress as chefs.

04)  We make Kitty and Dr. Who get sloppy and report the weather. – Oh are they busy this weekend?  What the hell with?

I don't get it. They gave someone flowers? So what?

I don’t get it. They gave someone flowers? So what?

05)  Two words:  Invisible Mode.

06)  Lee Powers narrates over it.

"It was then that Fredo hadn't the heart to tell Paul he had ruined his own whiskey...."

“It was then that Fredo hadn’t the heart to tell Paul he had ruined his own whiskey….”

07)  Jeff burns something on it.  – May need to shoot this outside?

08)  Two more words:  Party Hats

Viking Paul

Viking Paul

09)  Or Nerf Guns

Pew pew

Pew pew

10)  We broadcast, but we can only speak in constantly-fluctuating accents.

11)  We broadcast, but we have to rhyme with each other.

12)  Silly StrawsNo, you can’t drink bourbon this way.

13)  We broadcast, but the episode is shot on the back of a pedal cab as Paul and I run after it in Central Park.

14)  Three words:  BroCast by CandlelightFor the ladies.  And Maryam Mirzakhani.

15)  We get a smoke machine disco ball.

16)  Two words (one hyphen):  Upside-Down mode.

Whether we record upside-down, or just flip the image in post, we're not sure yet...

Whether we record sitting upside-down, or just flip the image in post, we’re not sure yet…

17)  We argue about something extremely nerdy.  The ensuing fistfight is left on the cutting room floor.

18)  We broadcast over footage one of our friends playing Octodad.  After two shots of whiskey or three hours of drinking.  Looking at you, Shaun.

Clean up on aisle...all

Clean up on aisle…all

19)  Something important gets cut out that we reference, but it’s for your own good.  – Again, this may be guaranteed.



20)  Eric tells an anecdote that is neither interesting nor makes any sense. – This may also be a guarantee.

Because, thanks.

Because, thanks.

21)  Paul shaves mid-BroCast, and you can actually see him beardless.



22)  That goddamn painting finally falls off the goddamn wall.

Hey!  That's not fair.

“Hey! That’s not fair.”

23)  We come up with a great idea for a movie.  And it’s fucking brilliant.  (And it is)

24)  We disrespect the dead.  (But they totally earned it)

25)  Are you really watching?  Seriously?

Who are you?

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