In Which I Ruin Some Songs for You (Vol. 1)

Let’s talk music.  I’m not a close follower, but I keep track based on whatever is on Spotify.

The more and more certain “top tracks” are drilled into my head the more I tend to associate them with other things, or outright ruin them.  When I’ve heard them overplayed enough I will start to share the associations with other people, because saying, “I am so sick of this song” brings absolutely nothing new to a conversation except a shared distaste.  Where’s the fun in that?

You’re reading my blog post so you’re in this with me now.  Artist name first, song name second.

Heads Up:  This does post require that gifs be somewhat/relatively timed to the music.  Though I have no control over your browser speed you may want to count to a quick-20 to allow the gifs a little extra time to load.

Loading Gif

Loading Gif

Otherwise just give me the benefit of the doubt.  Win/Win.


I’ve grown tired of this song and its liberal use of extending vowels to create a chorus.

Woah-Oh-oH Oh No thanks.

From now on imagine that part is what this horse is thinking on this slippery surface.

Go ahead:

Woah -oh-oh-oh



Because fuck you, song.

I’d heard the polar opposite of this song when I was four.  It was the original Bioshock song.  It was called Under the Sea and it was equally as…Carribbean-y?

Play and observe.


under-the-sea-o (1) Ariel_dance1

May you now forever associate On Top of the World with Under the Sea.

You’re just going to have to trust me on this one as you listen to the wordless 40-seconds-intro of nothing.

Both of these songs have this really odd looping thing going on:

They sound like they’re stuck in an infinite loop?  Like a shorted-out robot.



That is what I see.  Now it is yours.

Sorry that I’m not sorry.

Welcome to the Weekend.

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