The Octodad Challenge


Nothing like a fistfulla wrench.

It’s one of the many things we love at BroCast, but also a source of endless fun when having people over and shows go on hiatus/we’ve watched all of the shows.

The game of choice relies on the guest, though I make everyone play Bioshock at least once.  The storytelling and the atmosphere are experiences that everyone should share.  You’ve been warned.

For crazy fun sometimes someone will explore the free-for-all that is Saint’s Row 3.

So many things happening.

So many things happening.

But it became instantly memorable when my friend told me about Octodad over a year ago:

“You play as man who has been replaced by an octopus, but no one else can tell.”

Holy hell.

That is an amazing concept.


“Nobody suspects a thing”

And after the incredibly difficult testing that Kitty had put me through in March I decided that I would pit her against the Good Doctor in an Octodad Challenge.

But only after much, much drinking.

Kitty went first taking us through the tutorial on the controls:  The legs and arms are directed with the mouse, and spacebar is used to toggle between them.


Things started out a little rocky as Octodad scuffled his way to his wedding, stopping first to make sure he had time to mount the gifts:

Yep, that feels about right.

Yep, that feels about right.

And then backtracking down the aisle and the reception hall leaving very few chairs upright.


But Kitty made it through the first round and even found a tie.

Hooray for nautical-themed things!

Hooray for nautical-themed things!

At this point in the game the Good Doctor took over.  His first action was to get out of bed.  That looks something like this:


“I do that sometimes.”

And despite “accidentally” hitting his children a few times, Octodad managed to make coffee, mow the lawn, till the garden, defeat Bad Chef, and cook burgers for everyone.


And they call him the Grill Master

Though I still think that the slide is climbable…

Damn ladder.

Damn slide.

Both players took a drink break.

Then Kitty drove Octodad through the supermarket.


“Nobody suspects a thing!”

Kitty got all of the things, regardless of them all being in such treacherous places.

Clean up on aisle...all

Clean up on aisle…all

We had to put a halt to the games, but I interviewed both players later.

Kitty and TGD found the lack of an objective marker to be a bummer.  Though this may be the game’s way of encouraging exploration I believe that players typically want to know where they are supposed to go, and then explore the surrounding areas beforehand.

The Octodad’s posture would be a bit wonky at times, and there were high hopes of Octodad’s tentacles presenting more of a challenge by sticking randomly to things, but as we were only playing the first three levels it remains unclear if the playing style changes.

In the end the results of the Octodad Challenge were inconclusive.  Both players completed all of the tasks successfully.  We neglected to do a sober playthrough.

Further testing may be required.

And ship rides.

And kiddie rides.


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    Kafka’s Metamorphosis: Now for Kids!

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