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3 Ways to Make Jury Duty Better

This is an illustrated experience. I drew these while waiting to be summoned for jury duty at the unified court system jury room. I’m terribly bored sitting here.  This is day number two.  Two. A sign in the front of … Continue reading

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What it’s Like Vol. 9 – Deployed!

Avast! Good news, me hearties: I have received an update from the currently deployed Cap’n Chris via raven while I was gazing mournfully at the sea from my widow’s walk. Photos and silly captions provided by me. Enjoy! Well, gentle … Continue reading

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Call me back Paul

Apparently the only way I can get Paul to call me back is by posting a shitty blog, so here’s a list of thongs I hate + Pedicabs- They’re a bicycles menace, óne step below citibikers. DeBlasio should legislate them … Continue reading

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Episode 100!

  We made 100 of these, (and our friends got married) so we generously pour ourselves some Prosecco.  Cheers.

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Back in a Flash

Oh, is it Saturday already? Hm, not sure how I missed that…must have been getting married to The Good Doctor, or something. *Shrug* This is Mrs. Kitty Good Doctor, signing out.

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100 Episodes Later

This upcoming Sunday marks the 100th Episode of BroCast News, so I am spitballing 25 ideas as a means to make it special: So, what should we do for our 100th Episode? 01)  Inhale helium for the entire duration of the … Continue reading

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Beat It.

People, typically the insufferable type (more insufferable than the general level of insufferable that I find most people to be at, that is), always like to quip and muse about things that need to be “brought back.” Things that are … Continue reading

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