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28 things you should be able to do by 28

Sorry* about last week’s absence, kiddos! I was stranded in the Hamptons, riding the coattails of those with large houses near the beach that lack any reception or Internet access. We fancy, but exclusive and not terribly organized. *I’m not … Continue reading

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The Third Act Fail

When I was a Junior in college I wrote my first short screenplay about a kid driving an urn of ashes across the country.  It was a terrible, terrible piece of writing that featured classic screenwriting 101 bullshit that our friend Garryt (whom … Continue reading

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Sharknado. But in a park. Get it? I don’t care. Let’s do this. 6:14 – Arrived. Blanket spread, drinking started. Where’s my sandwich? 6:22 – I love looking at Manhattan from Brooklyn. It reminds me how much better my life … Continue reading

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What It’s Like… Vol. 7 The Anti-fun Factor

As Paul mentioned in the last episode, he did indeed watch me fling myself out of a perfectly good airplane like a schmuck. This is a pretty fun thing to do for me. I tend to enjoy the more extreme … Continue reading

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Episode 94

This one went up late due to technical difficulties. Deal with it. It’s a fun one, like all of them. So enjoy.

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Friends of the BroCast-Friday

If there is one thing we appreciate at BroCast News its scotch.  And explosions. No, wait. Sorry. I got away from myself there. Let’s try again. One thing that we appreciate at BroCast is exposure [No Paul, not that kind]. … Continue reading

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What It’s Like… Vol 6. An Officer and A Gentleman

I’m sorry I haven’t written lately. It’s for several reasons. Number one, I am a terrible friend and a lazy writer. Two, I’ve been enjoying my pre-deployment leave and getting super drunk every day and surfing and jumping out of … Continue reading

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