What It’s Like… DEPLOYING!

Dear sweet readers who might be reading this (all both of you), I’m going to make this extremely short because I leave for yet another deployment overseas tomorrow. Don’t worry, I don’t have to go to Afghani-Land! where the rides are horrific but the goat meat on a stick is worth writing home about. Writing home, that is, to ask for penicillin-based medicines or to send out your last will and testament. I am going on another fun-filled boat trip to bring freedom to the Pacific Rim (though sadly not with giant robots like in the movie of the same title) and then various other ports in the Middle East. Perhaps I will come home the new chief of a tribe of cannibals I met in Papau New Guinea.

I'm starting with Paul.

I’m starting with Paul.

Perhaps I will become the proud owner of a harem that I will swindle off a young sheik in a rascally yet charming way. Though it is my deepest hearts desire that I will come home the Captain of my very own pirate ship filled with tanned, smiling rogues who sing sea shanties and cheer HUZZAH! whenever I man the wheel!

We're Whalers on the moon...

We’re Whalers on the moon…

More likely, though, I’ll rot in a Navy ship and then rot for a few weeks in the desert and try not to lose my mind of boredom or go blind from boredom induced chronic masturbation. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, fair readers, I shall strive to continue writing whenever time and bandwidth permit. Fair winds and following seas!

-Cap’n Chris

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1 Response to What It’s Like… DEPLOYING!

  1. Paul says:

    Not if I eat you first!

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