Friends of the BroCast-Friday

If there is one thing we appreciate at BroCast News its scotch.  And explosions.

Here's your homework:  Explain why this wouldn't be possible.

No, wait.

If only i still had hands with which to five.


I got away from myself there.

Let’s try again.

One thing that we appreciate at BroCast is exposure [No Paul, not that kind].

Rather than talk about myself this week, because my week does not compare, I’m sharing four blogs run by our fellow narcissists (and friends) of the BroCast team, because how else do you think sites like The Oatmeal or Hyperbole and a Half start out?

In no particular order:


Ava Snow Battles Death — A live-action web series directed by our friends.  We’ve mentioned this series before, and it continues to gain traction.  Three episodes done (one interactive), and a comic book on the way.


Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 12.46.01 PM

Scott Spinelli — A self-published friend of the show, Scott runs a blog where he lists and populates the Top 250 Feelings most of us have experienced, each with a meaningful (and sometimes snarky) anecdote.


Where's your whiskey, Garytt?

Where’s the whiskey gone, Garytt?

Rhymes with Carrot – Though he is unfortunately absent from the screenwriting picture here, Garytt’s blog is an open window into the life of when Boston moves to the West Coast.


Ryan Hobler – He’s on every form of social media, so he doesn’t need a single blog, but if you can appreciate good folk, then Ryan is someone to follow.

Pay all of these guys some time today.


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