MUTOD: Here is what you’re going to do today

In no particular order, but this may be most probable:


Your wardrobe will contain at least one of these colors.

Your wardrobe had better will consist at least one of these three colors.




The first one bites the dust

One of your friends is the first to go down.  (Phrasing)



Overindulging because ‘Murica.

The bar you end up at.

New friends at the bar you end up at!

"Does anyone need anything from the ba---forget it."

Five minutes after you enter said bar.

"Yeah man, real bummer about the US this year..."

“Yeah man, real bummer about the US this year…”

"...fuck Belgium!"

“…fuck Belgium!”



New Belgium friend!


No words.  No cell phon---damn it...

Be in the moment.  Put away your phone.

Besides, when was the last time your camera phone produced a decent-quality image of a firework?

Drink enough and be floored.

Fireworks:  America’s favorite distraction since we stopped caring about futbol.



Think of one reason why you’re grateful you live here.  Cheers to it.


Seriously.  Cheers to it.

Seriously. Cheers to it.

Happy 4th of July.

There are no words.

Fuck yeah.

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