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Episode 92

This week we sustain a terrible injury from the World Cup, catch everyone up on the status of the Middle East, and check in with Ukraine & Russia. Of course, at the time of posting this, this has happened: …So you may … Continue reading

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Now that I’ve lived in each city for two years, let’s compare!     New York Seattle Food There is an endless diversity to the food in New York – an entire spectrum of prices and cultures to experience. And … Continue reading

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BroPup News

No lengthy article today.  Just art! Here is the art: Any diehard BroCast fans will almost-certainly recognize this moment from two weeks ago, at 17:25 in Episode 89.  Rock on*. You might be familiar with my artistic genius in depicting the news show … Continue reading

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Soccer My Balls

After my roaringly funny and 100% historically accurate explanation of the blasé attitude most Americans (read: people with souls) feel towards soccer, a few folks I know (read: one person) asked that I gave the sport a fair shake. Obviously, … Continue reading

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What It’s Like… Vol 5. The Gym Experience

So I’m going to make this short. I am currently nursing a pretty epic hangover thanks to some shenanigans last night. We decided to celebrate having gotten off of a Navy ship for the first time in weeks. We were … Continue reading

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Episode 91

  This week we drink to our oldest fan, follow-up on our oldest story, discuss the on-going turmoil in the Middle East, and find a more suitable name for the Washington Redskins.

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Kitty roams the PNW

Kitty is going to her first lesbian wedding! Wait with bated breath (or not) for my post later this weekend (or not). I haven’t forgotten about you, but I am blowing you off to see my beautiful friends get hitched … Continue reading

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