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What it’s like…

So I told Paul a story the other day and, over many drinks, decided that things like this should be written down. The many drinks thing is pretty normal for us as are a great many horrible things that we … Continue reading

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Episode 87

This week we celebrate the discovery of the Santa Maria and the biggest dinosaur ever, some awesome push back from Ukranian steelworkers and villagers of Kala/Balge, the approval of a new prosthetic device, and the Napoleonsaurus.

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Evolution of Technology vs. Devolution of Society

On Wednesday night, I was taken to see Eddie Izzard at Beacon Theater. He was incredible, as always, and the experience of going to a show (movie, theater, play, concert) always fills me with uninhibited joy and makes me giddy. … Continue reading

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Narrative Legos with Ken Levine

I’m pretty sure if you click on the “Ken Levine” tag on this post that there are many articles where I’ve discussed the man.  I say I because no other staffer knows what the hell “tags” are.  I find tags very … Continue reading

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Fun and Games and Fermentation

Over the course of the last year and thirteen days (or 4.29696825 years for our readers on Mercury) since we’ve started this blog, Eric and I have often mentioned the great and glorious GI Joe Drinking Game. And rightly so. It’s … Continue reading

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Episode 86

Happy Mother’s Day from BroCast News! This week a follow-up about Yingluck Shinawatra, the NFL Draft, Putin bans swearing from Russia, and your weekly dose of news out of Ukraine.

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Kids, this week Kitty finished obtaining two graduate degrees, and feels a little something like this: So, since I feel I have deserved a break, consequently, my brain has shut off and I have nothing for you. Never fear, Brocasters, … Continue reading

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