Bite Me

I didn’t get a chance to write anything today. I had stuff to do. And I took a long nap. Laundry. Packing for vacation. Re-watching episodes of The League. Quasi-staff member My Dad had a table reading of a swell play he wrote. It was quite good. Then I ate pizza. Plus, I’m coming off a serious four-day bender in honor of my dear chum Rob sleeping on my couch. He’s been in some shithole with lots of sand and oil where alcohol is illegal for almost a year, so we had some serious jackassery to get up to in order to make up for lost time. So nothing doing for you schmucks today. I lieu of an apology, which you will never get, here is a picture of Eric looking stupid from college:

Nice goatee, brah.

Nice goatee, brah.

He’ll probably try and retaliate in kind tomorrow, but then it will dawn on him that I don’t care.

Shame is for the weak. See you next Thursday, douchenozzles!

Shame is for the weak. See you next Thursday, douchenozzles!

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By reading this blog, you legally forfeit your right to cry, eat tofu, or watch movies where people kiss in the rain and sh*t!
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