Kids, this week Kitty finished obtaining two graduate degrees, and feels a little something like this:

I got moves

I got moves

So, since I feel I have deserved a break, consequently, my brain has shut off and I have nothing for you. Never fear, Brocasters, I promise to be back next week with something amusing. I also blame my lack of ideas on the fact that Eric STOLE MY DAMN ARTICLE IDEA YESTERDAY. So read his again, and know that if I wrote it, it would have been better.


Happy hot-as-balls Saturday, everyone!

About Kitty

I'm southern, I'm sassy, and I'm opinionated.
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3 Responses to Hiatus

  1. Tom Mooney says:

    No thanks Eric is an idiot and you are LAZY.

  2. Tom Mooney says:

    Also more about Paul’s birthday wish list
    Cash from an old guy
    Bid Boobs on a woman or man
    Sleep till noon
    Free drinks
    bad movie references
    Bad karaoke

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