Birthday Party

In honor of Paul’s birthday today I have decided to make a list of things that most definitely will occur, or be present at his birthday party tonight*:

•  Pizza

•  Whiskey

•  Beer

•  Strippers

•  Strippers with Pizza

•  Strippers with Whiskey

•  Strippers with Beer

•  Facial Hair (men only)

•  Shaun.

So much Shaun.

Such Shaun.

•  Karaoke

•  Cigars

•  Rodeo Bar

•  Photos

No photoshopping here.

No photoshopping required.

•  References to Psych.

•  References to Parks and Rec.

•  Just because you put syrup on something,

•  That don’t make it pancakes.

•  (See what I did there?)

• Hanging out–

•  PHRASING.  boom.

•  Journeying — but not in, around, or near Brooklyn.

"Wait I thought we were following you...?"

“Wait I thought we were following you…?”

•  Other “bar birthdays”

•  Singalongs

•  Awkward Splicers


•  Awkward bar spacing

•  Awkward bouncers (not a Bioshock reference, I swear)

•  Generous bartenders

•  Bartop dancing

•  Party Hats

•  Strippers with party hats.

•  Floor dancing

I haven't the foggiest.

Bound2 — believe it or not.

•  Sexy Dancing (women and Danny only)

•  “Yo Joe”-chant.

•  (At least) one broken Citibike.

•  Former blog staff.

•  The Dr. Who Shield.

•  Bill Murray saying things…


•  Hawaiian shirts.

•  Easy (or no) cab rides.

•  Seriously, no Brooklyn.

•  Irish goodbyes

•  Sex

•  A bathtub full of scotch, and an after-party tv show binge.

Go right on ahead and add your own in the comments below!


*Probably…but subject to change….

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