Guess what, boners? It’s time for you to learn what you’re made of. That’s right, I made a BroCast News personality quiz. You are so fucking welcome. Now, go, find out which member of the BroCast Team you truly are inside. Will discover that you are me, and therefore a champion? Or will you fail utterly and get Eric as your result? The suspense is killing you. Or perhaps I am. Good luck as you learn…

Which BroCaster Are YOU, Buttface?

We want stop sucking so bad!

We want YOU…to stop sucking so bad by taking our quiz!


About Paul

By reading this blog, you legally forfeit your right to cry, eat tofu, or watch movies where people kiss in the rain and sh*t!
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5 Responses to BroQuizzed

  1. Kitty says:

    Almost wept with joy. And a little bit of remorse. Mostly joy, though.

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