MUTOD: The Potential Un-Bro’ing of John Oliver

How could you not be a fan of John Oliver?  I mean, he has always been consistently funny; whether on The Daily ShowThe Soup, or Community, he never fails.



For picture-context, when Jon Stewart took a leave from The Daily Show in 2013 John Oliver stepped up his game and took the fucking helm magnificently (and if you find me someone who disagrees I will find someone for Paul to strangle #JOKE)

When Oliver left The Daily Show a few months back it got dusty in the room, but we all knew that he was going on to bigger and better things:


But not taking our concept!  That’s so, un-bro, bro.

HBO Winter 2014 TCA Panel

Sick ’em, Gromit.

As all of you may know we record on a Sunday.  Even though you don’t see it until Monday-ish it still counts.  You only watch on Monday because you hate life and are all Garfield, at work, or cleaning up.  Or Tommy.

Typically news breaks (or details are revealed) on Mondays, ranging from the Government Shutdown Death Clock to the resignation of the Pope.  This means we then have to catch you up on it next week.  Or retroactively update our posts.

Do not worry, we’re not going anywhere, but it is time to clear the air and avoid confusion.  You may be asking yourself…

How will the two shows differ?

Obviously we won’t know until it comes out…but based off of pure speculation here are the major differences:

  • John’s show, Last Week Tonight, is on HBO and will most likely come on before or after Game of Thrones.
  • BroCast News is on YouTube and thusly all over the interwebs.  We report the news, and then typically watch Game of Thrones.
  • John’s show (most likely) has a dozen writers and teleprompter.
  • BroCast News is typically unscripted, albeit with bullet points so we know what to cover.  The humor comes from one of us setting the other up for a fun quip or wordplay.
  • John’s show has an entire crew of people.
  • BroCast News (the web series) is Paul, me and our occasional guests.  The blog, on the other hand, is seasoned with individuals and alcoholics like ourselves.  You have to be when you’re putting together a graphic like this:
Wanted:  Better Graphics Person.

Wanted: Better Graphics Person.

  • Last Week Tonight is 30 minutes.
  • BroCast News runs under ten minutes (catering to the ADD culture).
  • John (most likely) will have complete and professional composure as he reports the news.
  • Professionalism is out the window here — not only do we drink before we report the news, but during, and then after.

And we have fun doing it.

So here’s the deal, John Oliver, come on our show.*


Or better yet, we’ll come to yours.

In fact, if you invite us onto your show, John, we will keep your Bro-ness title intact.  You will, essentially, stay a Bro.  Not to be confused with a Brony.  That is a completely different sphere that we do not understand.

You have until Marchtember Oneteenth.  You’ve been warned.

 * Did you not think “phrasing”?  Seriously?

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