MUTOD: Some Forethought to Comedy Central…

Yesterday it was announced that Stephen Colbert would be David Letterman’s successor on CBS in 2015.  That is, at this moment, a long way away.

This might still be unresolved by then, actually.

This might still be unresolved by then, actually.

Colbert won’t be “in character” for the new show, but then, does that mean he’s going to keep his other show?  No way.

"A different man comes out, born again."

“A different man comes out, born again.”

So thus dieth out the Colbert Report, leaving a gap on Comedy Central between The Daily Show with John Stewart (11:00) and @midnight there is a :30 minute gap [yeah math!] that a new show will have to occupy.

That show should be BroCast News.  Here are Ten Solid Reasons Why:


1)  It doesn’t have to occupy 30 whole minutes, Comedy Central.  You want to do the Adult Swim thing and block off 15-minute blocks for us?  Solid.

2)  Who is the biggest demographic for Comedy Central watchers who are up from 11-12:30?  Late twenty-somethings?  That’s us!  We are the demo.  Educated Bros in suits with a wide range of friends, and we are humbled to hear all viewpoints.

3)  Think Workaholics meets Drunk History.  Need I say more?

4)  Audience-Induced Corpsing – If that is the route you want to take that will be a fun challenge.  We’ve practiced with an audience before…of two to three people at a time, so we clearly know how those work.


Also, plays.

5)  We never forget our sponsors and how awesome they are.

Rhino_Blaster_product_med-res (1)

6)  We don’t mind trying new show formats.  Though I hardly see us being animated…

...ever again...

…ever again.

7)  We’re based in New York City.  We “know” the boroughs, and Barcade:


“It’s going down…”

Did I mention that we get pop-culture?  Well…some of it?

8)  But speaking of pop-culture, we’re not into that tabloid nonsense, unless it’s really really funny.  TMZ-like-shows can eat a dick.

9)  We never seek to offend –  (unless they really really deserve it) so Comedy Central won’t have to worry like it has in the past.

10)  The Colbert Report followed a very specific theme of American Excellence, spearheaded by a an individual in a state of blissful ignorance.  That applies to (at least) one of us at any given time.  Not to worry though because if you read last week’s article about how we balance, (#2) and how we tend to translate for each other.

So how about BroCast News to fit that timeslot between 11:30 and midnight?

And is it cool if our first guest is Ken Levine…?

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