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Episode 84

This week two Popes get canonized, (which does not actually involve a canon), Denzel plays the music too fast and crashes a Congo Train, and a mass grave in New Mexico — of Atari nostalgia.

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What it’s Like to Work For a Psychopath

I think we’ve all been there. It’s about an hour before you leave work, and your crazy boss finds you and tells you to come into his office to review some reports you’ve written. He then insists you sit in … Continue reading

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MUTOD: “Time is a flat circle”

Television-Induced-Depression always sets in when the seasons change; the shows you have been watching pack up their bags and disappear for months so that they can go out and make another season, so you’re stuck with either A) watching whatever takes … Continue reading

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PA Play by Play: A Day on a Tommy Moon Set

Some of you more astute readers (no, not you, moron) may have noticed a steep decline in my complaining about my job recently. Well that’s because that job stopped being my job. Hooray! Sadly, since none of you idiot readers … Continue reading

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Episode 83

  Delayed due to drinking, gaming, and Thronesing: Contaminated soiled, capsized ferries, avalanches, The People’s Republic of Donetsk.

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Why Flying Sucks

Things that could improve with air travel: Musings on my flight from NYC to SEA. I have 5 and a half hours to waste; what else could I do with my time but complain? Carry-ons versus Carrying Weight     … Continue reading

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MUTOD: The Potential Un-Bro’ing of John Oliver

How could you not be a fan of John Oliver?  I mean, he has always been consistently funny; whether on The Daily Show, The Soup, or Community, he never fails. For picture-context, when Jon Stewart took a leave from The Daily Show in … Continue reading

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