Inside the Minds of BroCast

Happy weekend, BroCast readership!

I bet you have all been wondering who is behind the genius of BroCast news from a more objective view. To show you part of the inner workings of the BroCast operation, I have given a brief cognitive assessment to one of the creators of BroCast: our dear friend, Eric. More truthfully, I will use this forum as a freebie to get an assignment done for my class, but it’ll still be hilarious.

I have administered a Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE) to Eric. This is not a reflection of Eric’s actual IQ or intelligence in any way, but is simply a rough test of cognitive functioning. I can’t diagnose anything based on this test, but I can make fun of him for drawing pictures poorly, and that’ll be enough for me.

*Disclaimer: this is solely for academic purposes. No Eric’s were hurt in the administration of this test.*

How does one perform a cognitive test, you ask?
Step one: administration. The assessment involves a series of basic cognitive tasks, such as counting backwards in 7’s from 100, folding a piece of paper in half, copying a drawing, etc. The questions assess a number of things: thought process and content, short- and long-term memory, judgment and insight…etc.
Step two: observation. While administering this assessment, I am also looking to see if there are any nonverbal behaviors that could indicate that something else might hinder Eric’s ability to take this test. Does he seem alert and responsive? (I mean a few beers is fine). Does his thinking appear logical? (Compared to…). Does he look disheveled? (This is an actual question in a mental status exam). He seems fine. Proceed!
Step three: scoring. Each item has a score of 0 or 1 (you either get it right or you don’t). After the assessment is done, I explain to Eric how he did, what the score means, and then make fun of him for getting things wrong. The last part isn’t technically required, but he makes it so easy.

And now, the part that everyone has been waiting for (assuming you’ve even read this far): LET’S SEE HOW HE DID!

Well Phew! Eric has no signs of cognitive impairment, as indicated by a score of 29 out of 3o (he subtracted something wrong…we forgive him). But his drawing skills are TERRIBLE. See below:


Well there you have it. Based on this drawing alone, I interpret not only creativity, but some serious good sportsmanship. And that is part of what lies behind the curtain of BroCast news. If I get any other guinea pigs (Oh, it’s happening, Paul), I’ll reveal more secrets. After all, what are girls for?

Signing off, this is Kitty. And here’s a Gif of Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing U2.

benedict cumberbatch photobombing U2


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I'm southern, I'm sassy, and I'm opinionated.
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4 Responses to Inside the Minds of BroCast

  1. Paul says:

    You’ll never test me alive!

  2. Eric says:

    Eat a dick, pentagrams. You ain’t got NOTHING on octagons.

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