MUTOD: Rejected Movie Idea – Mike Mulligan 2: The Revenge of Mary Anne

I’m not going to tell you which movie studio rejected my script idea.  To do so would embarass them, and I know they’re going to kick themselves in the ass later because Mike Mulligan 2:  Mary Anne’s Revenge (also spitballing The Revenge of Mary Anne)  is a great goddamn idea and Virginia Lee Burton would absolutely love it.

Many Some people in my generation might remember reading this book:


Alternate Title: Early Hints of Aspergers?

Or seeing this rendition of it on a Saturday Morning cartoon show.  The story is about a man who owns operates a steam shovel.  But the story really isn’t about the man.


Mike Mulligan had a steam shovel,
A beautiful red steam shovel
Her name was Mary Anne.

Spoiler Alert:  Some tragic shit goes down.  New machines come in, powered by diesel, electric, etc, and Mary Anne is obsolete.  There is a massive genocide of her kind:


Yes, this actually happens.

But Mary Anne evades capture and manages to get to the town of Popperville, wherein she essentially does one last job before sealing her own fate:

"We've quite forgotten to leave a way out."

“We’ve quite forgotten to leave a way out.”

Any human can get a ladder, but Mary Anne is stuck in the cellar.

And winds up as the Town Hall boiler:

Force Grin of Happiness

Terrifying Forced Grin of Happiness ‘pon her dipper

With this asshole, Mike Mulligan.

But what happens when Mike Mulligan decides to get married.  You know.  To a real woman?

Mike and his wife are not going to live down there in the cellar and raise a family.

And what happens when the Town Hall decides to switch from oil to electric?

Her name was Mary Anne.

Days Gone Bye

Days Gone Bye


Mary Anne always gets the short end of the stick.

The world loves a good comeback story, and Mike Mulligan 2: The Revenge of Mary Anne (yeah I’m liking that better) is just what the world needs.

Imagine the terror Mary Anne causes as she hunts down Mike Mulligan and his family.


It’s Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, but Broken Man vs. Antiquated Machine.

Photobombing.  Happier Times.

The last family photo.

In the end we watch as the individual we rooted for turns out to be the villain.  There is a term for this.

So kick yourselves very hard, Movie Studio, because you’re missing out on a greeat property.


I already anticipate social media to unofficially title it Mike Mulligan and his Back Heaux, and I can keep the property going.

Or instead of a movie how about a miniseries?

In fact, I’ve got a concept for the sequel/second season already in the works:

(That is why it starts snowing at the end)

(That is why it starts snowing at the end)

This is clearly what Virginia Lee Burton would have wanted.

And yes, before you even ask — Terry Crews would be the top choice as Mike.



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2 Responses to MUTOD: Rejected Movie Idea – Mike Mulligan 2: The Revenge of Mary Anne

  1. Tim5corpion says:

    Hi, i’m from DeviantArt and I am a major fan of MMahSS. I just came across this and I think this is a pretty interesting dark take on what could happen after the book’s events. It would make for some amazing twisted fanfiction, tell you that.

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